By using SIPX, you can immediately simplify the copyright maze and provide readings to your students both quickly and legally. Below you’ll find a series of resources aimed at helping you use SIPX, as well as train and promote SIPX with others at your school.

Latest Updates

Video Introductions

Released 12/03/14

Amazon payments
Students purchasing their own materials can opt to use either PayPal or Amazon to process their payment.

Released 08/04/14

New Feature: Add links to web resources within your SIPX reading list.
Want to link to print holdings, other web sites like blogs or newspapers, or media files hosted elsewhere? Now you can use the “Add a web link” feature. Provide the URL and a title and SIPX will provide a link out to these resources within your SIPX reading list. Permissions are not acquired by SIPX for these materials so please be sure that students can access the resources with no copyright restrictions.


Fall 2014 Release

SIPX Course Page

Our Fall 2014 release features a redesign of the SIPX user interface that makes delivering course materials to students easier and faster. We plan to roll out additional complementary updates throughout the month of August as part of an overall focus on delivering a more intuitive user experience for all academic community members who interact with our service.

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Using SIPX

The current state of copyright in higher education is complicated — from a user’s perspective, it’s almost impossible to understand what content is available, what uses are allowed for it, and how to distribute it properly. Managing copyrights without networked technology is difficult and expensive. We created SIPX to solve these problems. Learn how you can best use it with the following resources.

SIPX on Campus

Promoting SIPX

SIPX provides a faster and easier way to create digital course reading lists by bringing together a wide variety of content data, pricing, copyright information and library holdings in one spot. In doing so, SIPX reduces students’ costs while also reducing the liability of unauthorized use of materials to your school. The materials below will help you communicate these benefits to others on your campus.

Get Help from SIPX

We’re available to help you make the best use of SIPX within your institution. Please get in touch!